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Anatol’s Aries 2 operating system gives you complete control over your automatic screen printing press in an easy-to-use, intuitive package.

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High Quality Screen Printing at Your Fingertips

The Ultimate in User-Friendliness

Aries 2 gives you full control over all printing parameters in a clean, simple layout.

Wi-Fi Capability Helps You Maximize Production

Connect to Wi-Fi for software updates, remote connection to Anatol Service, and production reports by email.

A Rugged, Reliable Platform

Access Aries 2 via an industrial-grade 15” touchscreen monitor (17” on 16+ color presses) to keep up with your shop’s demands.

New Features
Aries 2

User Profiles

Set up individual user profiles with different permissions for each press operator, and receive production statistics for each user.

Software Updates

Manually or automatically check for and download software updates via WiFi, and easily restore previous software versions with the touch of a button.

Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode allows users to connect their press via WiFi directly to the Anatol Service Department. Users can share their press’s touchscreen for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting.

Screen Printers in Over 70+ Countries on 6 Continents Trust Anatol

Thomas Aguilera

Tshirts Printed 4 U

Volt increases efficiency, production for one-man shop.


Tim Smith


For LogoBoss, Anatol stands out for value and support.


Sally Brown

Left Hand Promotions

The really big revelation for me has been the stellar, unsurpassed customer service we have received.


Jamie Buhr

Midwest Graphics & Awards

Midwest Graphics relies on Anatol’s presses.


Zachary Traxler

Traxler Custom Printing

Anatol is the definition of "bang for your buck".



Awesome Dudes Printing

Awesome Dudes Printing goes above ground with Anatol Volt.


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